The courses will start on November 26, 2015. Alessandro Racca, internationally renowned Italian Gelato and Pastry Chef and instructor at the Carpigiani Gelato University, will lead the teaching team!

It is a unique training program, born as an offshot of Carpigiani Gelato University, whose mission is to develop new ways to fuse traditional Italian gelato and high-level pastry.

Structured to perform as a laboratory of ideas focused on high quality, Gelato Pastry University offers participants a high-level curriculum, employing part of the world-renowned Carpigiani Gelato University’s methods and objectives. The school has been designed to meet the needs of professionals looking to expand their training, with the aim of developing new and creative product lines. There are five different types of courses. Each course lasts 6 hours and focuses on:

  • basic gelato making
  • gelato cakes
  • French and Italian style mignon pastry
  • pastry shop business

The headquarters is located at the Carpigiani Japan premises. Carpigiani has chosen Japan as it is a country where the art of pastry has reached maximum levels of perfection and innovation. The challenge is to develop a new segment of pastry that features the culture of artisan gelato.  Alessandro Racca – internationally renowned gelato and pastry chef who followed his parents’ footsteps and became the youngest winner of the “Gelato Gold Medal” in 1985 – leads the teaching team. Shigekatsu Kimura and Hiroyuki Emori, among the most renowned Japanese pastry chefs, are part of the talented team.

Mr. Andrea Cocchi, Managing Director of Carpigiani Group. “We chose Tokyo as the headquarters of the school to stress out the fact that Japan is the most advanced country in the world, besides France, for the pastry field, and one of the most receptive towards innovation and fusion of different food cultures. The brand new Gelato Pastry University comes as a natural evolution of our mission in spreading the culture of gelato around the world, a step towards new paths by proposing a unique training program, whose mission is to combine the best traditions of Italian gelato and Japanese pastry. We are confident that the Japanese chefs will be receptive in following us in this new challenge and we will be happy and proud to support them by providing high-quality courses. In our view, the next step would be making Japan become the international avant-garde of the gelato and pastry culture, gathering students from all over the world. We are ready for the start of a new Gelato Pastry era!”
The courses at the Gelato Pastry University are run by professional chefs who are already successfully involved in the gelato business”, says Mr. Lorenzo Scrimizzi, President of Carpigiani Japan. “And this is very important because the objectives we want to achieve through this school are the following ones: to create a laboratory of ideas, to propose various business models, to promote the use of professional equipment in the workshop as a tool to increase productivity, quality and safety of the final product.

Carpigiani Gelato University, founded in 2003 as Carpigiani’s training division, is today recognized worldwide as a breeding ground for successful gelato entrepreneurs. Its mission is to teach the culture of quality artisanal gelato. Complete training programs, combined with advanced teaching methods and a team of internationally renowned master gelato instructors, have brought the school great success, the number of participants growing exponentially over the past few years. Today it is leading a sweet cultural revolution across the five continents. The main campus is in Anzola Emilia (Bologna), and there are other 11 satellite campuses located across the globe: UK, USA, Argentina, Japan, China, Germany, Russia, France, Brazil, Dubai, and Singapore.

Carpigiani‘s presence in Japan dates back to 1980, when Carpigiani Japan was founded. Since then, the Japanese subsidiary has offered an intense training program based on CGU’s methodologies, featuring around 30 seminars per year, reaching a total of about 400 participants annually.

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